Fast forward to my early teens when I got a much-needed upgrade to the classic Sony Cyber-shot (where I definitely took selfies before selfies were a thing). I carried that thing around all the time. Then as time went on and phones started having nicer quality cameras on them, carrying an actual camera around fell out of habit. It wasn’t until I met one of my dearest friends who said to me one day “how come you’ve never thought to pursue photography” that I had even really given thought to it. No more than a week later her and I went out one day with my camera (not the 2008 Cyber-shot don’t worry!) and played around a little bit and from then on Northern Wind Photography was born.

About Dani

 It’s rare that I don’t have some sort of trip planned for the near future. And I would love nothing more than to plan adventures with you. If you want to hike up a mountain and capture moments together at sunrise, let’s do it. If you want to crack a cold one and eat a pizza while dancing in the low tide at sunset, let’s do it. Heck, if you want to book a flight and take photos anywhere, count me in. I feel it so deeply in my soul that life is way too short to not jump with both feet in and enjoy the ride. Who’s with me?

I am all for adventure and living life to its absolute

fullest potential.

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